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Signal Mutual Indemnity Association is an insurance mutual of 217 organizations, over 600 locations in the USA, and on any given day insuring over 50,000 employees.  SMIA is made up of the following industries; Ship Building, Ship Repair, Boat Building, Boat Repair, Marine Terminals, Longshoring, Marine Construction, Off Shore, and other jobs like Marine Consulting.  We are the largest and best known insurance mutual of its kind in the USA.  The Mutual is managed by Signal Administration, Inc., which has three main divisions of business, Claims, Underwriting/Marketing and Safety Resources and our offices are located in Wilton, CT, Dallas TX, Long Beach, CA, Atlanta, GA, New Orleans, LA, and Norfolk, VA.  Signal Administration, Inc., and Signal Mutual Indemnity Association is owned by Charles Taylor Consulting based in the United Kingdom.  Our website is

Please be advised that I have been looking for a good proximity detector for over 4 years and just happened to stumble onto an article (May/June 2009 Work Safe Magazine - Article Fair Warning by Heather Young) about PSST's product.  I immediately telephoned Richard Shervey to obtain more information about his proximity detector and better understand not only how it worked but what was his audience, that is to say what kind of mobile equipment was he directing his product to.  After many phone calls and e-mails we decided to meet and go through a demonstration of the detector.  I arranged for Richard and Kevin to attend a meeting of our insurance mutual safety committee meeting in Dallas, Texas.  (Copy of the article submitted to the Mutual Newsletter attached and a listing of the safety committee members and their organizations.).  Richard constructed a table top model and demonstrated it for the committee, it was a hit, so much that we arranged for an on site demo at the facilities of one of our largest members Horizon Lines.

We realized that Richard and his team were working on bettering the product and some time has passed since the demo and the on-site visit but we are waiting for more opportunities to have the product demonstrated at our facilities.  We are

hopeful that, at the correct time, we can put together a large demonstration for
many organizations in the industry to actually see the advantages of PSST's product over the limited products  present in the market place.  I recently made arrangements for Taylor Equipment to travel to Richard's location to see his product.  The reason I did this was because Taylor recently launched a camera based proximity detector product of their own which I feel has limitations.  Not only is it expensive but I believe maintenance of the 8-10 cameras on each piece of mobile equipment will be a nightmare.  Taylor knows now the kind of quality competition waiting in the wings to go head to head with their camera based product.

I recently attended the National Safety Council's conference in San Diego and took time to visit each of the hundreds of vendor booths and not once did I see any proximity detectors being sold or demonstrated.  The closest was a product that warned pedestrians at a warehouse facility that a fork-lift truck was backing out of a trailer onto the dock.

I believe PSST has the best product on the market.  Can it be better, yes and Richard and I have spoken many times on how and each time he has delivered.  As mentioned earlier in this e-mail I have been looking for a product like Richard's for some time and his product has all of the pieces I had in my wish list.  We look forward to working with Richard and his team in the future.


Michael D. Crucefix

Michael D. Crucefix  ASP, CRSP-CM, RSP, IOSH-FELLOW, ASA
Assistant Vice President
Signal Safety Resources
P: 469-951-2446
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